Friday, August 1, 2008

My little peanut!

Its hard to believe but we just returned from Xanthe's 6 month "well baby" visit to the pediatrician. We see a Nurse Practitioner/Lactation Consultant instead of the doctor, but really, in our practice, its the nurses who make the day! We have a nurse who has seen Xanthe at every visit since birth and she's like an old friend when you see her. Her smile is all gums and she says all the right things, "Xanthe is getting so big! What a great way to start my day seeing your beautiful baby girl!" For some reason, affirmation likes this means more when it comes from a medical professional. I know she says it to every child, but it feels good all the same.

Xanthe is growing, but well... maybe not as much as she should. She is such a peanut! She has gained exactly 1 lb in two months, from 13lbs 1 oz to 14lbs 1oz. She has not officially doubled her bith weight, but given how many fluids I had in my system, she really has... her birth weight was more like what she left the hospital at - 6lbs 10oz. Her weight is 25th percentile for her age.

She has grown an inch, from 24 to 25. Also in the 25 percentile.

AND.... she continues to have a small noggin. 15 1/2 inches in circumference - that is the 10th percentile. At least she is consistent in her growth! She has been in the 10th percentile for head size since birth.

We talked to the doctor about her development, her feeding and sleeping. She is doing just fine. I am going to make an effort to try to nurse her in quiet dark places. She is so distracted the LC thinks that it is effecting Xanthe's intake. So more down time for both of us. That can't be a bad thing.

On the way out of the office we saw a new mom with her 11 day old baby. I remember when that was us. It was a half a year ago. The newborn was so tiny, wrinkles and fragile. And I looked at Xanthe.. all smiles, sticky-up hair, and razzzzz berries... and I know she is on track to be one heck of a kid.

I got a bit emotional on the way home. I wish I could bottle up this time and put it on the shelf for a later date. I am so afraid that somehow I will forget these days. I keep telling Erik how much I love 5 months... its the best age... well, until 6 months... now 6 months is looking pretty good.

For those of you that have been asking for pictures... of course, this is from 5 months... we are getting up to speed.


Erik said...

I love the that, in this day and age, I can take time from work to be a part of something like this. After a conversation in which my father-in-law had to defend the fact that he hadn't made it to as many Dr.'s appointments for the kids as I have, I am truly grateful for the times in which we live.
Not that long ago men were not giving time off to go to their children's Dr.'s appointments... or teacher's confrences... or (add milestone here.)

Kim said...

Don't worry about your baby's size. Who cares what the charts say. My babies have huge heads so they are making up for their little cousin. They are always in the 95-99% percentile for head size (and everything else.) Xanthe can keep being the peanut, while I have the pumpkin and the tater. Quite a garde have we.