Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mama loves her football on-a-stick

Just a quick post to share with the world the joy I find in two activities I intend to engage in this week, namely, NFL football (yes, its true) and the MN state fair, otherwise known as "the great minnesota get together."

A few comments on my love of football. There is something about the heralding of autumn with a large offensive line securing the pocket for a strong armed quarterback that just sits well with the soul. I remember fondly the days watching high school football, when it was sunny enough to sport my sunglasses but cool enough to be out in a newly purchased J.Crew sweater. (how much does that date my high school experience? - mid 90's much?) Now, years later, with a far better understanding of the game, I love sunday afternoons (usually folding laundry) in front of the big screen listening to the low tone commentary of John Madden or one of his lesser peers. So, this week, I am stoked to attend my first ever NFL game. So what if its only pre-season?! Its the Steelers v. Vikings, and I am 25 rows back from the 50 yard line. In the words of the wise Emily Raynor, thats 'damn good'.

The "great minnesota get together" or, the land of food on-a-stick, is my other guilty indulgence in late August. The kitsch filled fun starts today and runs through Labor Day. Last night I perused the menu of items up for grabs, on-a-stick. Some interesting stand outs include: butterscotch cake on-a-stick, tater tots deep fried on-a-stick, alligator sausage on-a-stick, 1/3 lb. fried bacon with maple sauce on-a-stick, scones on-a-stick, cheese on-a-stick, pork chops on-a-stick, salmon on-a-stick, reuben on-a-stick, Minnesota hot dish on-a-stick, spaghetti and meatballs on-a-stick, whole dill pickle on-a-stick, blackened cajun steak on-a-stick, caramel apples on-a-stick, Puff Daddy on-a-stick (not sure what that is, but apparently its edible), scotch eggs on-a-stick, ice cream on-a-stick (isn't that a popsicle?), and frozen grapes on-a-stick (for the small minority of fair goers who want lite fare). Really, how could anything on-a-stick be bad?

We love to people watch at the fair. We love to animal watch at the fair. Erik & I usually take in the "English" horse show (honey, we ain't at the Hampton Classic anymore), trying to catch some classes over fences, and then move on to the stables, the cow barn, the pig barn. Then we make our way through the crowds of families, teenagers and twenty-somethings past the amusement rides and food courts to the slower paced attractions... the lumberjack demonstrations, the John Deere and Harley Davidson displays. My Erik gets to be a little boy again and I have the joy of watching him. The fair always brings out something of our childhood, mine in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, his in Maryland and West Virginia. Yes... its likely we are related. If that doesn't do us in, it's our indulgences on-a-stick that will!

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