Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dallas Watch continues...

So, despite the never ending delay, Erik's Dallas watch continues.... word on Friday is that he is still in the running for the job of all jobs. It is the perfect fit for his education, would be sufficiently challenging without being beyond his ability. It would be more than job, it would be a career with a seemingly resourceful corporate citizen.

We are the masters of the dream though... and despite now having a familiarity with all current listings on the northwest coridors MLS, we must remain grounded. We must. We must! I have gone from one extreme to the other, giddy to remorse. I have just spent an hour making a Happy Go Lucky playlist for my IPOD. Need immediate intervention.... anyone? anyone? If I see one more house with 4bed/3bath for less than $200,000, I am going to combust!

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Kim said...

Just remember property taxes in TX are high and are almost about the same per month as your house payment.