Thursday, June 26, 2008

The way things happen

When life is stressful and decision are looming, you often hear, "things happen for a reason." Its such a cliche, of course things happen for a reason. It's called cause and effect. Its seems simple. As I contemplate another major move in my life... I have to wonder, does the cosmos really shift the gravity of causes in order to effect the decision?

In January 2006, I was disgruntled with my job. Erik & I loved our little house on the lake in Canterbury New Hampshire. I mean, could you really have a cuter address than 59 Canterbury Shore Dr., Canterbury NH?! Life was picturesque, idyllic, and beyond stressful. My job was very intense. My commute was long, and money was tight. Having fulfilled my two year contract (due to relocation), I was free to start looking. I spent my evenings dreaming of greener career-pastures on the likes of Monster and Careebuilder. I started putting my resume out there.

Problem was - we would almost definately have to move. There were very few jobs in central NH that were a good fit for me. I landed an interview in Cincinnati and flew out for an interview. When I returned, I got a call from my former boss in California. The conversation went something like this:
"How'd the interview go?"
"I think it went well. I suspect I will get an offer."
"Do you really want to move to Cincinnati?"
"Well, no.. but it is an option."
"I want you to work for me. From home. Live anywhere you want."
"Yes. Think about it, call me back in an hour."

And so it went. I called her back and accepted the position. Cool. Now, we could stay in our house.

Wrong. Turns out, when you work from home, you need to have high speed internet. We lived SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out there that we didn't even have cable yet! I looked into satelite and other options, but nothing would work. Here I had given notice at my old job, and accepted a job that I couldn't do! Erik & I immediately went into survival mode. Where could I go that I could work?

Around the same time, my brother, living in Minneapolis, was offered a 2 year stint at his company manufacturing facility in Singapore. Talking on the phone, I told him my predicament. "Why don't you come out to Minneapolis? You can live in our place until when we leave Singapore and you sell your NH place." Perfect.

I left for a week long training trip to CA. When I left, we placed the house on the market. We were hopeful, but the market where we lived wasn't like Boston. It was a slow market and houses tended to languish for months without interest. Erik & I started to realize that he would have to stay in NH until the house was sold, and I would be half a country away in MN living with my brother.

In Chicago O'Hare during a layover, Erik got me on my mobile.
"We showed the house today."
"Wow - really?! Its only been on the market a day!"
"We got an offer AND they are interested in buying all our furniture too!"

I got home to NH and thats exactly what happened. They bought our whole lifestyle, house, furniture and all. And they wanted to close in 30 days. The day after we had a contract, our realtor called us.
"You have cable right? The buyer is a day trader and needs high speed internet."
Erik... "Ummm.. can you hold on a second, there is someone in the driveway."
The man at the door: "Looks like you are moving, so you probably don't care, but I am from Comcast cable, and wanted to let you know that we are wiring this neighborhood."
Erik to realtor: "Comcast guy is here, says cable will be in soon."

I spent the weekend packing up my VW Beetle and on Monday morning, I pulled out of the driveway heading on the 24 hour drive to Savage MN. Moving here, sight unseen. I returned 30 days later to help Erik with the rest of our belongings sans major furniture items. We packed up the UHaul and after the closing I remember sitting in the truck and reliving the story...... "its like we HAD to leave NH."

Things happen for a reason.

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Kim said...

Well, Xanthe needed her grandparents. That's why you had to move.