Thursday, June 12, 2008

So you know you can't dance.

I admit it. Last summer, I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour. Even worse, I went with my husband, age 35, and my parents, ages 65 and 66. We had GREAT seats, on the floor, what a view! And I distinctly remember thinking we were the only one there who didn't bring one token child to make it acceptable. We weren't acceptable, but man, what a guilty pleasure.

So, I am super excited to see a new season of my favorite reality show. I think I love it because it is so out of my element. It is graceful and coordinated and purposeful and technical. I am pretty much a bull in a china shop. I doesn't take much to get me hooked though..... I have seen my share of Real World marathons, Survivor, Temptation Island, Paradise Hotel, Jon & Kate plus 8, and my other favorite, Deadliest Catch (I am a Sig girl). Erik says I like shows where people can die.. but thats another blog. I have even learned from Mythbusters that bulls in a china shop aren't as destructive as you would think. But I still know I can't dance.

There is something bittersweet about the new Dancing season... this little screen-in-screen in my head has me realizing that my evening of adult-themed television is dying, and very soon, our little kung pao shrimp will rule every aspect of the Lewis household.

If our lives were a reality show, this month would have been something. Bottle refusals, trips to the Arboretum having forgotten the stroller, screaming fits, laughter, coo-ing, and poo-ing. Tired nights of Erik and I stumbling down the hall to replace the pacifier or night feeds. Mara dragging herself into her office, trying to sound knowledgeable on conference calls that have no real effect on the world, but are all important to my continued employment. Erik would be doing homework, preparing for graduation and stressing about not having his dream job lined up. You would see two companions working hard to maintain the love in a relationship stressed with little sleep and changing demands. You would see frustration, joy, love and fear. That is our dance.

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